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The Problem

Every year, more than 4 million people die as a result of exposure to outdoor air pollution. Much of this pollution comes from fossil fuels; when fossil fuels burn, they produce carbon-rich atmospheric particles (also known as PM2.5) that pollute the air. Meanwhile, the ink-making process relies on carbon black as a raw material, making it dependent on fossil fuels.  

The Solution

To prevent these particles from polluting the air, the Graviky Labs team recycles this pollution and turns it into Air-Ink: hydrated, industrial-grade pigments and inks. Graviky Labs’ technology retrofits onto the exhaust of generators and small chimney stacks to capture carbon pollution. Then, through a proprietary process, Graviky Labs turns these particles into a high-grade pigment that’s used to create ink. 

Polluters are incentivized to work with Graviky Labs, as they would otherwise have to pay for waste management companies to remove their carbon pollution. And because Air-Ink uses recycled raw materials, it reduces the printing industry’s reliance on fossil fuels—making it a win-win solution for all partners. 

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