Coastal Communities

Green Keeper Africa

Removing oil-based industrial pollution using water hyacinth

Team Lead

Fohla Mouftaou

Solution Summary

Green Keeper Africa harvests water hyacinth, an invasive weed, and transforms the plant into a fiber that can absorb oil spills. This fiber, GK-SORB, is 100 percent organic and capable of absorbing up to 17 times its weight in oil. 

Green Keeper Africa provides pollution management services, delivering GK-SORB kits to industrial clients who use them to clean oil spills. Green Keeper Africa then collects the used GK-SORB kits and uses them as fuel for cement kilns. Green Keeper Africa's solutions provide a simple, fast, and efficient way to contain oil spills and clean up contaminated sites.

The solution simultaneously addresses two main problems: managing invasive water plants and removing oil-based, industrial waste. Green Keeper Africa works in coastal communities where there is a complex interaction between the ocean, lakes, and river systems. These regions have fragile ecosystems, including mangroves and fisheries, that are harmed by the presence of water hyacinth and industrial pollution.

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