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The Problem

In the United States alone, there are more than 7 million adults with visual disabilities. These disabilities limit access to physical and digital information, making it challenging to complete simple tasks and fully take part in society and the economy. Indeed, over 70 percent of this community is not employed full time, which significantly impacts their economic outlook.

The Solution

Aira’s technology enables the blind community to overcome traditional barriers to employment by providing unique descriptions of their surroundings in real time. With Aira, a blind user wears a pair of smart glasses, which connects to an active video feed. Users video call Aira’s network of remote, professionally trained agents, and an AI-based system routes the call to an agent with the right skill set for the request. The agent sees the blind user’s surroundings through the video and describes the scene to them in detail. 

In addition to offering individual customer plans, businesses hire Aira to make their locations accessible to the blind, so blind users gain free Aira access, while businesses enjoy increased patronage from the blind community.


In one study, Aira services helped reduce the dropout rate in university students from 60 percent to 6 percent.

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