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The Future is Offline

Offline access to vocational training and higher education for refugees

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Jérémy Lachal

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The Problem

Despite existing qualifications and skills, young refugees face numerous obstacles to continuing their education, such as language barriers, lack of degree recognition, and limited financial resources. While existing online education programs could address these barriers, opportunities for refugees are further limited due to a lack of internet access. This is particularly true in rural areas, where only 22 percent of refugees are connected, and even if they are connected, connectivity is often unreliable and expensive.

The Solution

To expand opportunities for refugees, Libraries Without Borders and Kiron Open Higher Education developed The Future is Offline, a program that provides refugees with offline access to multilingual digital learning resources and certification from top universities at accessible rates. The program gives refugees access to dozens of massive open online courses (MOOCs), which include video, homework, and oversight via SMS. 

Content is stored in secure digital (SD) cards, enabling off-grid use. The Future is Offline also equips collective learning spaces with local servers containing offline MOOCs. The coursework and learning spaces empower students to learn together while shaping their own vocational futures. 

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Montreuil, France

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Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon


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