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Elpis Solar

Off-grid solar solutions for essential services and connectivity in refugee communities

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Samuel Kellerhals

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The Problem

Refugee camps—home to a majority of the world’s 86 million refugees—often lack access to electricity, internet connectivity, clean water, and other basic services. In Rwanda, where more than 173,000 people live in six main refugee camps, this hampers residents’ health, economic opportunity, and the ability to learn new skills.

The Solution

Elpis Solar’s hardware package provides key services and opportunities to residents of refugee camps. Its multipurpose, off-the-grid devices offer customers water filtration, mobile charging, electricity, and even educational software. 

The organization has developed two solar charging systems, SolarHub and Swapcy. SolarHub can charge up to 120 phones per day and delivers more than 250 gigabytes of free medical, educational, literary, and entertaining digital content. As for Swapcy, it charges 40 phones per day, and can also filter 300 liters of water and provide light.

Because the hubs are managed by refugees, they also present rare entrepreneurial opportunities, ultimately transforming stagnant communities into places of opportunity and growth.

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