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Fighting corruption through civilian-led tracking of government transactions

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Rafael dos Anjos

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The Problem

Corruption is an annual $50 billion drain on roughly 80 percent of Brazilian municipalities, and the 54 million people who depend on basic public services are the ones most affected by it. Though the Brazilian government collects substantial data, public accounting departments insist on avoiding automation and most financial inspections are done on an ad-hoc basis, which limits citizen visibility into how resources are used.  

The Solution

RevelaGov combines artificial intelligence and anonymous whistleblowing to publicize cases of social corruption in Brazil. Its findings help both project partners and prosecutors pressure local governments for change in the quality of public services and to reverse entrenched cultural norms.

The artificial intelligence platform analyzes public data to map statistical irregularities that often indicate corruption. The RevelaGov app then shares these findings so that administrators can correct them—and so that civic society can pressure elected officials into taking action. The app also accepts and rewards anonymous reports of social corruption, like solicitation of bribes or tax fraud, to spur further changes.

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Ribeirão Preto, Brazil

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