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A community for wheelchair users to map accessible spaces and share their experiences

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Yuriko Oda

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The Problem

For wheelchair users, information about the accessibility of restaurants, hotels, bathrooms, routes, roads, and more is crucial to their mobility—but that information tends to be scarce and scattered. Without that knowledge, the world’s 65 million wheelchair users are often unable to fully participate in society and the economy.

The Solution

WheeLog! is an application that enables individual users and local governments to share accessibility information about travel routes, places of interest, and more, such that wheelchair users and others with reduced mobility can confidently experience their worlds. 

Available wherever Google Maps operates, the app’s interactive, crowdsourced map centralizes information about routes that its users have taken (or found inaccessible), complete with photos. It also offers a database of accessible restaurants, hotels, stations, bathrooms, and other public facilities. App users can interact with each other by sharing more personalized accessibility experiences, organizing meetups, and requesting more information about particular locations.

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Tokyo, Japan

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