Early Childhood Development


Providing tools for parents and caregivers to promote their child’s development

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Luis Garza

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The Problem

Millions of parents in the United States and Latin America lack the knowledge to support children’s cognitive development with age-appropriate, everyday interactions. In Mexico, one-fifth of children ages three to five are behind in motor, socioemotional, or linguistic development, and almost 40 percent of them lack early education access.

The Solution

Kinedu is a parenting app designed to help caregivers provide personalized, research-supported activities for young children. The app includes a developmental assessment, tailored daily activity plans, and data visualizations of a child’s progress. Available on multiple platforms, in three languages, and with free subscription options, the app offers more than 2,000 activities—which include short video demonstrations—that support linguistic, cognitive, socioemotional, and physical development.

Developed by childcare experts and driven by data, Kinedu also offers key insights into child development; its milestones allow parents to track and understand the pace of their children’s real progress without previous experience or professional expertise.

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