Early Childhood Development


Providing tools for parents and caregivers to promote their child’s development

Team Lead

Luis Garza

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Millions of parents in the United States and Latin America lack the knowledge to support children’s cognitive development with age-appropriate, everyday interactions. In Mexico, one-fifth of children ages three to five are behind in motor, socioemotional, or linguistic development, and almost 40 percent of them lack early education access.

The Solution

Kinedu is a parenting app designed to help caregivers provide personalized, research-supported activities for young children. The app includes a developmental assessment, tailored daily activity plans, and data visualizations of a child’s progress. Available on multiple platforms, in three languages, and with free subscription options, the app offers more than 2,000 activities—which include short video demonstrations—that support linguistic, cognitive, socioemotional, and physical development.

Developed by childcare experts and driven by data, Kinedu also offers key insights into child development; its milestones allow parents to track and understand the pace of their children’s real progress without previous experience or professional expertise.

Market Opportunity

Kinedu’s current market segment includes users with iOS and Android phones in three languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese). There are 90 million families with newborns who have mobile phones in these languages. If they can afford to pay $7.50 per month for Kinedu’s subscription service, the market value is estimated at over $8 billion a year. Kinedu expects to reach 1 million active users in the next year, and 5 million in the next five years. 

Partnership Goals

Kinedu currently seeks:

  • Data science strategy and roadmap support to create better insights, recommendations, and products for parents.
  • Global marketing and publicity support to reach tens of millions of users, in more languages;
  • Partnerships to expand its product suite to other stakeholders and create an ecosystem around early childhood—most notably through teachers and caregivers; and
  • Business strategies to reach profitability in the next five years.

Organization Highlights

Some of Kinedu’s notable achievements include:

  • Media coverage in ScaryMommy, TechTimes, and EdSurge; and
  • Support from entrepreneurship networks Endeavor, StartX, and Promise Venture Studios; and
  • Raising a Series A funding round.

Existing Partnerships

Kinedu currently partners with:

  • Stanford University’s Language and Cognition Lab; 
  • The municipality of Escobedo, the Valley Settlement Project in Colorado, and CENDI Nuevo León, which research Kinedu’s impact as an intervention tool in low-income communities;
  • Advocacy and Early Childhood Development organizations; for example, Kinedu is a funder and founding member of the Aceleradora de Innovación para la Primera Infancia, a Frontiers of Innovation cluster for Mexico; and
  • Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. 


Kinedu currently reaches over 500,000 active monthly users and has impacted 4 million lives.

Solver Team

Organization Type:
For Profit

Monterrey, Mexico


Working in:
Brazil, Mexico, USA


Solution Team:


A Parenting App for Child Development

Solver Kinedu received the $50,000 AI Innovations Prize from Members Patrick J. McGovern Foundation and Schmidt Futures in 2019 to provide tools for parents and caregivers to promote their child’s development.


A Parenting App for Child Development

Solver Kinedu received the $20,000 Dubai Cares Early Childhood Development Prize from Member Dubai Cares in 2019 to provide tools for parents and caregivers to promote their child’s development.


A Parenting App for Child Development

Solver Kinedu, an app that helps parents and caregivers promote their child’s development, received a $10,000 grant from Solve in 2019 for being selected as an Early Childhood Development Solver.

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