Early Childhood Development

Boston Children’s Hospital Early Literacy Screening System

A screening system that catches the earliest signs of reading disabilities

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Carla Small

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The Problem

There is a reading crisis in the United States: today, 65 percent of all fourth-graders scored below proficiency in reading. Most reading disabilities are identified after children have already fallen behind their peers, when the window for the most effective intervention has closed. Self-perception of reading failure and negative responses from others leave these children vulnerable to feelings of shame, depression, and low self-esteem. 

The Solution

To provide earlier intervention, Boston Children’s Hospital developed a comprehensive early literacy screening system. The two-part system includes a child self-administered, gamified mobile app to screen kids and a web-based platform to support teachers and families. 

In this system, kids spend 20 minutes playing an engaging game on the app, which screens them for critical early indicators of reading difficulties. The platform then syncs and analyzes the screening data, and creates a report outlining the child’s risk factors. The platform enables monitoring at the classroom, school-wide, and district-wide levels, so educators can review the performance of all students. It also provides follow-up resources such as evidence-based curricula, specialist referrals, and professional development to address specific skill deficits.

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