Early Childhood Development

Tabshoura Tiny Thinkers in a Box

Free, offline early-education content for vulnerable children in Lebanon

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Andrea Fahed

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Learning inequality begins early in Lebanon, where public kindergartens lack qualified teachers, Arabic-language materials, and sufficient resources. For refugees from Syria, the outlook is even worse. Although nongovernmental organizations have begun providing much of the country’s early childhood education, children still struggle with programs in variable cultural and technological contexts.

The Solution

Tabshoura Tiny Thinkers in a Box is a low-cost, pocket-size server that brings early education programming to marginalized Lebanese children in vulnerable areas and camp settlements. Powered by Raspberry Pi, the “TTT in a Box” can operate as a mobile hotspot in remote and informal settings where the availability of electricity and learning resources can be inconsistent or nonexistent.

The skill-based program focuses on teaching three major components: autonomy, creativity, and critical learning. Available in Arabic, English, and French, the content aligns with Lebanon’s Community Based-Early Childhood Education (CB-ECE) curricular requirements—and is adaptable to specific local needs and cultural contexts.

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