Early Childhood Development

Living First Languages Platform

Place-based early language and literacy instruction for children in Indigenous communities

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Eric Brace

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The Problem

221 million children globally lack access to education in their native tongue—often a minority language—forcing them to learn both a new language and key foundational concepts at a young age with insufficient resources to succeed.

The Solution

Developed by the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation in consultation with community members, the Living First Languages Platform equips Indigenous communities in Australia with skills and digital tools to support children’s early language and pre-literacy development in their native tongues. The platform allows members to create dynamic interactive resources in their own languages that combine with bespoke training modules, giving young children a substantive education and critical cultural literacy.

The platform’s evidence-based literacy training is based on both speech pathology and early language educational best practices. Activities allow children to explore unique phonology, vocabulary, stories, and more with their families.

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