Early Childhood Development

OneSky Caregiver Training

Creating high-quality community care for the children of factory workers

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Morgan Lance

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The Problem

When workers migrate to find industrial jobs, they leave behind their families and social support networks, which particularly impacts their childcare. Residency status may limit access to public services in a new place. Urban caregivers also often lack training and resources to safely and effectively educate their young students, who then miss crucial early-learning opportunities.

The Solution

OneSky brings quality early-childhood education to Vietnam’s factory communities by training women as professional childcare workers and creating nurturing care for vulnerable children. An on-the-ground team coordinates programming with government officials, trade associations, and women’s groups to ensure that OneSky consistently meets local needs. The program thus creates jobs and careers for its adult participants, and helps children prepare for academic success—breaking familial cycles of poverty.

Following a 2018 pilot with 80 providers, OneSky now trains 240 home-based caregivers annually using classroom instruction, home center coaching, and an engaging online learning platform.

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