Early Childhood Development

Khushi Baby

Accountable, decentralized, longitudinal health records for last-mile settings

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Saachi Dalal

Solution Pitch

The Problem

In rural India, 50 in every 1,000 children die before turning one, and a substantial number spend their formative years malnourished. Yet solutions that focus on key health indicators often fail to account for the unique challenges of last-mile settings due to both patient and provider mobility.

The Solution

The Khushi Baby Pendant is a durable, $0.70, battery-less amulet that stores 1 kilobyte of biometric data covering a child’s prenatal development through the age of five. Any healthcare worker can scan the pendant with a smartphone to review patient history and record updates. The data then travels with the baby to subsequent visits—anywhere and with any provider. 

Health workers sync data to Khushi Baby’s cloud database, which now includes 25,000 mothers and infants. Khushi Baby also provides actionable analytics via a mobile dashboard, allowing health workers to predict clinical, nutritional, and developmental outcomes.

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Udaipur, India


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