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Empowering community health workers with a digital decision support platform

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Hila Azadzoy

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The Problem

Globally, more than four billion people lack access to basic health care services, leaving millions without the care that they need and deserve. This alarming situation is primarily due to financial and geographical barriers, as well as a shortage of healthcare workers—particularly in rural areas.

The Solution

To expand access, Ada Health provides community health workers (CHWs) and local drug shop dispensaries with tools that support diagnosis and help patients receive appropriate care. Ada’s AI-driven mobile platform gives patients personalized health assessments and makes diagnoses in real time.

Users simply enter their symptoms, and Ada asks a series of relevant questions to gather additional details. Ada weeds through infinite symptom combinations and thousands of potential diseases to provide a list of conditions that users are most likely to have. Health workers then use this information to recommend treatment, getting patients the care they need.

Market Opportunity

  • In 2016, there were an estimated 332,000 CHWs in sub-Saharan and East Africa, where Ada intends to focus efforts. Worldwide, the number of CHWs continues to grow, and governments are increasingly incentivized to train them.
  • Ada’s technology sets itself apart from competitors. Ada prioritizes the function of AI in its app, and Ada’s symptom checker has demonstrated higher accuracy than those of competitors Babylon and Your.MD.

Organization Highlights

  • Users in advanced economies subsidize product costs for Ada’s two million users in low- and middle-income countries
  • Ada currently has more than 3.5 million users worldwide
  • Ada has completed seven million assessments in five languages
  • Awards: Save the Children Prize for Breakthrough Innovations for Children, Patrick J. McGovern Foundation’s Artificial Intelligence for the Betterment of Humanity Prize

Existing Partnerships

Ada Health partners with a range of organizations to support Ada’s localization for Romania and sub-Saharan Africa. Partnerships include:

  • Fondation Botnar and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to provide grant funding for further pilots
  • Muhimbili University Hospital of Health and Allied Sciences in Dar Es Salaam to jointly conduct locally appropriate translation, disease modelling, and validation of the Swahili version

Organization Goals

In the next year, Ada Health will adapt a version of Ada for CHWs, as well as introduce an effective referral system across stakeholders within primary healthcare by:

  • Building capacity through raising funds from foundations, international organizations, and governmental agencies
  • Forming partnerships with relevant stakeholders, such as local government, to generate revenue in order to reach more people free of charge
  • Incentivizing local governments to hire more CHWs by providing scalable decision support and training

Partnership Goals

To reach the goals mentioned above, Ada Health seeks to:

  • Form government partnerships to provide direct connections to health care for app users
  • Receive consulting on integrating hardware systems and diagnostics into the Ada platform
  • Initiate partnerships to expand market in Latin America


Ada has more than 3.5 million users globally who have completed more than 7 million assessments.

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Berlin, Germany


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Romania and sub-Saharan Africa


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