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Akiba ya Roho

Reducing premature morbidity caused by chronic diseases in developing countries

Team Lead

Melissa Menke

Solution Summary

Akiba ya Roho, “save your heart” in Swahili, is a comprehensive diabetes and hypertension management program developed and administered by Access Afya in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Access Afya has developed a multi-touchpoint approach that makes it easy for people living in slums, working long days and trying to get healthy on a tight budget, to access new heart-health information and services. 

Initial services are delivered by community members who provide education and screening in convenient rotating spaces. A mobile application leads a trained community member through a series of questions for each patient, provides prompts for clinical measurements, and suggests specific education. Mapped to global standards of care, this process is broken down into steps that non-clinicians can do. Those patients with identified risk are referred to an Access Afya Clinic for follow-up.

At the clinics, patients access world-class care. Regular patients get digital vouchers deposited into a mobile savings account to incentivize them to keep it up. Care is affordable because of Access Afya’s lean, data-driven model that combines evidence-based medicine with clinic workflows designed for scale.

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