Solution Pitch

The Problem

In developing countries like Pakistan, girls often lack knowledge about their own sexual health and menstrual hygiene, which can lead to infection, fertility issues, and unintended pregnancies. Limited education and healthcare can worsen this problem, and entrenched stigmas around women’s health prevent many patients from getting honest, accurate answers.

The Solution

Raaji equips girls with knowledge and resources to understand effective birth control methods, manage menstrual health, and prevent sexually transmitted infections. Raaji users are always anonymous, with no sign-in or contact information required, even as the chatbot continues to learn from them.

The AI-powered chatbot can also connect users with human support—often from female healthcare providers—in cases of emergency, or simply for a more empathetic ear. A recent survey found that a majority of Raaji patients were able to overcome a sense of shame, understand the qualities of a healthy period, and begin properly using sterile sanitary products.

Market Opportunity

Pakistan is home to 40 million women and girls who often lack access to reliable information about women’s health issues. According to one survey, 28 percent of women indicated that they had missed school or work due to their periods. One-third of girls drop out of school due to a lack of proper menstrual sanitation arrangements, resulting in a loss of educational and economic opportunity.

Partnership Goals

Raaji currently seeks:

  • Technical consultation on continued chatbot development;
  • Mentorship to develop its business model, term sheets, and capitalization tables; and
  • Development of a technical roadmap to roll out Raaji’s deliverables and evaluate milestones.

Organization Highlights

Some of Raaji’s notable achievements include:

Existing Partnerships

Raaji currently partners with:

  • Santax, a sanitary napkin company, which has donated pads for Raaji’s pilots and provided insights on menstrual hygiene conditions in Pakistan; and
  • Pathfinder International and UNICEF Pakistan, which have expressed interest in supporting pilots with sponsored schools across Pakistan.


Raaji has trained 800+ girls and its animated content has been viewed 500,000+ times.

Solver Team

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Karachi, Pakistan


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Teaching Pakistani Girls About Menstruation

Solver Raaji received the $25,000 Innovation for Women Prize from Member Vodaphone Americas Foundation in 2019 to develop a chatbot empowering Pakistani girls to better understand menstruation.


Teaching Pakistani Girls About Menstruation

Solver Raaji, a chatbot empowering Pakistani girls to better understand menstruation, received a $10,000 grant from Solve in 2019 for being selected as a Healthy Cities Solver.

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