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The Problem

80 percent of global blindness cases are preventable or reversible with proper, timely treatment. Yet, scarcity of medical providers, education, and financing—among other factors—limit patient access to this treatment. This is particularly true in greater Mexico City, where an estimated 32.6 million people live too far away from medical services. 

The Solution

Salauno offers affordable, high-quality eyecare services to low-income populations in greater Mexico City. Through a hub-and-spoke model, the business has provided comprehensive ophthalmology services to more than 340,000 patients with prices below the market average. 

Artificial intelligence and other technologies support Salauno’s strategies to connect with underserved communities. The organization’s outreach program offers telediagnosis and in-person screenings for patients in remote and marginalized areas, and refers those who need specialized care to hub facilities. Salauno has also built a network of primary care providers who use its mobile application, educational tools, and referral system, expanding the solution’s ultimate reach.

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