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Blue Sky Analytics

An AI-powered platform providing key air quality data and source emissions parameters

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Abhilasha Purwar

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The Problem

India suffers from an acute air pollution crisis, and is home to seven of the world’s 10 most polluted cities. Despite the urgency, much of India’s environmental monitoring of air pollution and source emissions is done manually on a monthly or quarterly basis. This leads to inefficiencies and time lags that severely hamper policy solutions’ effectiveness.

The Solution

To enable better-informed decision making, Blue Sky Analytics’ AI-powered platform provides key air quality and source emissions parameters. The platform uses machine learning to process complex satellite data and interorbital distance measurements—providing near real-time, high-resolution, continuous insights about the Earth.

Compared to current ground measurement methods, this proprietary algorithm provides air quality data with significantly better spatial resolution—at a fraction of the cost. 

Blue Sky Analytics then disseminates the information through its freemium web and mobile app called BreeZo in the form of both raw data APIs and embedded visualizations, turning data into actionable insights. 

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Gurgaon, India


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