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The Problem

Annually, 5 million people in 41 countries contract cholera—often from contaminated water following a major disaster. This preventable disease costs $2 billion yearly in treatment and lost productivity. Yet current detection technologies are expensive, and it takes nearly a week to get results, leaving at-risk populations vulnerable to widespread outbreaks.

The Solution

OmniVis is transforming cholera detection and response through a testing system that identifies water-based contamination in a mere half-hour. The handheld device combines hardware and a single-use kit. Its findings can generate early warnings of disease hotspots to prevent outbreaks, while highlighting contaminated water for immediate treatment.

After collecting and analyzing available data, the point-of-use device attaches to a smartphone to share detailed results and automated notifications with interested stakeholders, including community leaders and health workers. The cloud-based platform puts public health responders at an advantage: they can use it to proactively control potential outbreaks before they begin and to implement remediation strategies.

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