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Khartoum, Sudan

Project Summary:

ZAHARA for Education's mission is to expand educational opportunities between Sudan and the United States. We are advancing pivotal projects to support quality education --- both virtual & in-person --- for students from different, diverse backgrounds.

Specifically, we are proposing expanding the work of ZAHARA for Education and providing additional opportunities through three impactful program models

• University course partnerships, such as the MIT-Sudan Global Teaching Labs, which ZAHARA has successfully taught for two years (2021 & 2022), serving over 95 students

• ZAHARA Learning Hub, our online partnership with EdX & local tutors to make virtual education more accessible, affordable, and culturally relevant 

• The new proposed ZAHARA Innovation Labs, physical maker spaces for youth in Sudan that will provide programming and resources to underserved high school students

All funds will go towards furthering these efforts. Each $5,000 would provide the startup cost to launch one ZAHARA Innovation Lab, and each $500 covers the cost for 50 students to have quality access to engaging virtual education. We are also greatly welcoming partners who share in our mission and our values. Thank you very much for your consideration and your kind support of ZAHARA for Education!

--- The ZAHARA Executive Team


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