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Compared to the United States or Europe, where there are about 100 radiologists per million, the story is very different for developing countries. In Rwanda, we have a population of about 13 million people, but we only have 12 radiologists. This is less than 1 radiologist per million. The radiology service is specifically unfairly distributed in Rwanda. All the 12 radiologists are based in Kigali, a city with less than 10% of the population, while the remaining 90% of the population comprising more than 11 million people in rural areas and other cities have no radiologist in their region. This requires them to travel long distances and wait from days to weeks for their XRays, CT and other scans to be analyzed for diagnosis, becoming an extreme financial burden for them and endangering their lives. Radiologists also have to work for multiple clinics and hospitals on the same day, which means a lot of travelling, overwork and hindrances in their ability to provide accurate diagnosis. 

At Insightiv (, we’ve built an Intelligent and Distributed Diagnostics Platform that leverages connectivity and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to optimize the workflow for doctors, radiographers and radiologists, allowing them to effectively serve more patients from all over the country in a short amount of time. We’ve developed the first prototype, secured a pilot with the first customer, established key strategic partnerships, and we’re working with stakeholders in Healthcare and Regulation to get the product to different clinics and hospitals throughout the country as the summer unfolds.


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