Refugee Education

Free Education Library for Syrians

Engaging Syrian refugees with open-source, participatory educational resources

Team Lead

Richard R. Rowe

The Solution

Syrian adolescents and young adults who have been exposed to crisis environments are more likely to have learning gaps. Targeting this problem, the Free Education Library for Syrians (FELS) provides organizations in five countries with multimedia learning resources that are available in both Arabic and English, free of charge.

Engaging with the FELS is highly participatory; learners can rate resources, add new resources, design, courses, and create collections. In this way, end users are constantly involved in an iterative process that shapes the materials to be increasingly compatible for their learning needs.

Existing Partnerships

FELS has partnered with the following organizations:

  • Ministry of Madagascar
  • Atlassian Foundation
  • Yahoo Employees Foundation
  • Üaiki Global Initiative
  • Oxfam International

Solver Team

Organization Type:

Cambridge, MA, USA


Working in:
Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Madagascar, Nepal, Somalia, Turkey, Uganda


Solution Team:

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