Refugee Education

#MeWeSyria by MeWe International Inc.

Countering narratives of violence and extremism in Syrian communities

Team Lead

Mohsin Mohi Ud Din

The Solution

Syrian youth grow up in an environment steeped in narratives and public discourse that are largely characterized by extremism and violence. #MeWeSyria, a social and emotional learning and civic engagement program, believes that communications skill-building and storytelling promotes team building, empathy, peer-to-peer learning, and creative problem solving. 

#MeWeSyria trains refugee replication teams—composed of refugee teachers, youth volunteers, and parents—through experiential learning and co-creation sessions. The teams then assume a training role as they localize what they’ve learned for adolescent populations in Syrian communities by launching #MeWeSyria clubs. Club members collaborate to design youth story content pieces that are ultimately showcased in digital campaigns, community engagements, and international forums.

Existing Partnerships

#MeWeSyria has partnered with several organizations, including:

  • Questscope
  • Ford Foundation
  • OpenIDEO
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Australia

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New York, NY, USA


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