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Equipping special ed teachers with tools to reduce admin tasks and improve learning outcomes

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Melissa Corto

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The Problem

Special education has historically existed in a silo in the US public education system and has primarily focused on compliance; special educators spend over 75 hours per year completing administrative tasks in inefficient legacy compliance systems that do not improve learning outcomes for students.

The Solution

Education Modified’s technology gives special education teachers the tools they need to focus on their students—not on managing compliance tasks. Its data-driven instructional tool supports the implementation of legal accommodations and modifications in the classroom, so teachers can customize instruction for any child, with any need, in any classroom.

Education Modified integrates with leading learning management systems (LMS) Schoology, JumpRope, and Canvas. And a user-friendly interface makes it easy for teachers to access the latest research-based teaching strategies and capture, collaborate, and share professional knowledge from year to year. With these tools, teachers can build upon their work, all while satisfying compliance on the backend.

Market Opportunity

  • Special education spending in the US has grown to a market size of over $12 billion.
  • In the short term, the market potential with 20 percent adoption of Schoology and Canvas customers is $5.5 million.
  • Education Modified has a total early market opportunity of $25 million with the completion of its next three LMS integrations.

Organization Highlights

  • Has a 90 percent satisfaction rate from users and a 93 percent renewal rate
  • Awards: 2015 Milken Penn EdTech Business Plan Competition, Audience Choice and Impact Winner; 2017 Special Education Challenge, NewSchools Venture Fund Winner; 2018 Institute for Education Sciences, SBIR Phase 1 Grant Winner, Solve Teachers & Educators Prize
  • Entrepreneurship networks: LearnLaunch, Village Capital

Existing Partnerships

Education Modified integrates with Schoology, Canvas, and JumpRope LMSs and also works with the following institutions on special projects:

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education for consulting projects with students
  • National Center for Learning Disabilities for content creation
  • WestED and the Institute for Education Sciences (US Dept. of Education) for research and development of new applications of technology

Organization Goals

Education Modified aims to:

  • Raise a seed round of investment in 2019
  • Expand to three countries: Australia, Canada, and New Zealand

Partnership Goals

Education Modified seeks partnerships to:

  • Learn how to leverage data to make smarter content recommendations
  • Streamline platform workflow features through natural language processing
  • Connect with potential investors


Education Modified is used in 20 districts across 14 states, serving over 17,000 students.

Solver Team

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Boston, MA, USA


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Supporting Special Education Teachers

Solver Education Modified received the $25,000 Teachers & Educators Prize in 2018 to equip special ed teachers with tools to reduce admin tasks and improve learning outcomes.


Supporting Special Education Teachers

Solver Education Modified, a platform for special ed teachers that reduces admin tasks and improves learning outcomes, received a $10,000 grant from Solve in 2018 for being selected as a Teachers & Educators Solver.

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