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The Problem

Around the world, there are more than 1 billion people with disabilities. This group is at a high risk of social exclusion. And when it comes to education, millions of disabled people can’t communicate verbally, making it difficult to ask or answer questions—a significant barrier to learning.

The Solution

Livox software enables non-verbal disabled people and people with learning impairments to communicate. Through intelligent algorithms and machine learning, Livox adapts content for students with disabilities, whether they be verbal, motor, cognitive, or visual disorders.

Because disabilities vary in type and degree, Livox software alters its interface depending on the user’s needs. Livox tracks improvements in visual, auditory, cognitive, and behavioral function, making it easy for teachers to monitor students’ progress. Furthermore, the software was designed to work on inexpensive Android tablets, expanding access to all people with limited resources.

Market Opportunity

  • In 2015 in the US alone, there were nearly 40 million individuals with disabilities.
  • Other augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices procured by schools can cost $10,000 or more, making Livox up to 4,000 percent cheaper than solutions available in the US at $250 for families, and $25 per user for schools and hospitals.

Organization Highlights

  • Recently expanded to Egypt and Jordan from Brazil
  • Entrepreneurship networks: Unreasonable, Artemesia, Endeavor, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Featured speaker: 2018 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
  • Awards: Patrick J. McGovern Foundation’s Artificial Intelligence for the Betterment of Humanity Prize, General Motors Prize for Advanced Technologies

Existing Partnerships

Partnerships help Livox to scale and explore research and development projects. Currently, Livox works with:

  • The Florida Hospital in central Florida
  • Inter-American Development Bank

Organization Goals

In the next year, Livox seeks to further expand within the US market.

Partnership Goals

To expand within the US, Livox seeks partnerships to:

  • Test and create new metrics for people with disabilities
  • Further develop Livox’s technology, particularly with using AI to predict behaviors and allow individuals to communicate their needs
  • Identify mentorship to help refine business model and strategy, and to better understand new markets where Livox hopes to expand
  • Acquire pro-bono legal support
  • Attract engaged board members


25,000 non-verbal students use Livox’s app to communicate and learn.

Livox is up to 4,000 percent cheaper than solutions available in the US.

Solver Team

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Orlando, FL, USA


Working in:
Brazil, Egypt, Jordan, United States' Djibouti, Sudan


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