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Check App -

One-line solution summary:

A video chat communication app that improves the traffic stop process for police, courts, and motorists to increase safety and convenience.

What specific problem are you solving?

The presenting problem we’re solving is the increase in stress and anxiety during a traffic stop encounter for motorists and police which can often end fatal. The process for motorists to resolve a citation with the court is antiquated, leaving a negative impact.

A traffic stop increases stress and anxiety for motorists, especially black and minority drivers, due to frequent stops and uncertain outcomes. As mentioned in the Stanford Policing Project, “Inside 100 million police traffic stops black and latino drivers were stopped more often than white drivers.” A traffic stop can feel terrifying, having an officer close to the motorists window with hands on their weapon. An experience that leads to fight or flight mode in the frontal lobe causing confusion, as an officer can interpret the behavior as suspicious. Dr. Marisa Franco, explains in her research why, “black youth experience hypervigilance, a symptom of PTSD around the police.” 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics  60% of Americans are hourly waged workers who cannot afford to miss work. The current process to resolve a citation is antiquated, making the motorists come into the court on 2 separate occasions with an average wait time of 4 hours per visit. A warrant will be issued for failure to appear, this leads to drivers license suspension, and an inability to gain employment, impacting a rise in poverty, increasing crime. 

Pitch your solution.

A secure all in one solution, Check app uses video chat to reduce physical contact between police and motorists during a traffic stop decreasing stress and anxiety. Check automates the citation resolution process, by using video to connect motorists/violators to the court.  

How It works:

Traffic Stop:

  • A motorists would create a Check app account 

  • An officer would access the Check officer web portal from their in car computer 

  • Officer would type the vehicle license plate number that’s being stopped

  • A text message including a link is sent to the registered Check app motorists 

  • The motorists clicks the link, it opens up Check app video chat with the officer 

    • On the motorists end Check sends a text message with a link to the motorists emergency contacts where they can watch the motorists live stream video.

    • The motorists driving information/Image is digitally transferred to the officer from the motorists Check account.  

  • Officers sends a citation via Check to the motorists and is signed electronically

Citation Resolution:

  • Motorists has the electronic citation or ability to type/scan physical citation 

  • Motorists has recommended plea options > signs electronically 

  • Motorists schedules virtual court date 

  • Motorists makes payment 

  • Motorists necessary documents and digital ID information is securely sent to court

  • Court admin accesses the Check court web portal to view/resolve outstanding citations

  • Notification is sent to motorists Check app when citation is completely resolved. 

Explain why you selected this stage of development for your solution.

We recently partnered with the Round Rock police department in an unpaid pilot program to test the Check app platform. The partnership will offer feedback that’ll help improve the technology and provide clarity on CIJS and court integrations to better streamline the process. 


  • 1 police department - 3 - officers Check police web portal 

  • 1 court - 1 judge - Check court web portal

  • 3 universities - 25 - 50 motorists - Check app

Our solution's stage of development:

Pilot: An organization deploying a tested product, service, or business model in at least one community

Where are you based?

Austin, TX, USA

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