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Unlocking the potential of autistic talent by proving the value of neurodiversity

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Rajesh Anandan

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The Problem

There are 4 million Americans on the autism spectrum, and every year, 50,000 autistic young adults turn 18 and enter the workforce. Yet 85 percent of this talent pool is unemployed or underemployed because their differences are seen as disabilities.

The Solution

ULTRA Testing frames autism’s neurological differences as naturally occurring variations in the brain, and shifts the focus from disability to unique ability. To demonstrate this, ULTRA, which provides software and data services to Fortune 500 clients, has built the world’s first fully remote workplace for neurodiverse talent.

ULTRA’s model leverages autism’s unique abilities, such as pattern recognition, logical reasoning, and systems thinking, to provide test automation, web accessibility, and data QA services that deliver superior business results for ULTRA’s clients. In addition to these technical services, ULTRA has also designed internal processes and tools to source applicants, screen candidates, and communicate with colleagues—all in an effort to promote employee inclusion and wellbeing.

Market Opportunity

  • ULTRA redesigns the workforce to remove the need for individual accommodations while improving overall team performance; when benchmarked against other QA vendors, ULTRA’s neurodiverse workforce delivers quality increases of over 50 percent.
  • Many other initiatives focus on creating “accommodations” for autistic individuals, which reinforce negative perceptions and limit widespread adoption.

Organization Highlights

  • Continually expanded its service offerings and client base; in 2018, 40 percent of revenue will come from its original website testing services, and 60 percent will come from expanded service offerings such as test automation, web accessibility, and data QA for Fortune 500 clients
  • 75 percent of ULTRA’s employees are on the autism spectrum
  • Media: Inc, Forbes, InformationWeek, SiliconANGLE, re/code

Existing Partnerships

ULTRA currently partners with companies, online groups, and universities to optimize their matching efforts, such as:

  • Software and data quality assurance services by Fortune 500 companies
  • Sourcing of job applications from more than 100 websites, blogs, and media groups for individuals on the autism spectrum
  • Research on inclusive workplace practices and norms with Cornell University

Organization Goals

ULTRA seeks to raise $4 million in Series A funding.

Partnership Goals

To raise Series A funding, ULTRA seeks partnerships to:

  • Identify key investors
  • Develop a PR strategy to reach a larger corporate client base
  • Advance BioDex (chatbox for employees) and Universal Recruiter (web-based interview manager) through software development


ULTRA has employees in 19 states across the US, and 75 percent of its team is on the autism spectrum.

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