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Empowering migrant workers to make informed work choices, helping to ensure their rights and safety

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Rachel Micah-Jones

Solution Summary

Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers are recruited each year to perform seasonal, often high-risk, low-wage manual labor in the United States under a variety of visa programs. Workers' visas are tied to their employer, and they often have to choose between their safety and their ability to work. 

Recruiters and employers hold all of the power in the current system and are shielded by a lack of oversight by the US government. Workers face disturbingly common patterns of abuse, including fraud, wage theft, discrimination, and labor trafficking. 

Centro de los Derechos del Migrante's (CDM) holds employers and recruiters accountable by providing key information to empower migrant workers to make informed migration choices. The platform currently allows workers to share anonymous information on workplace and recruitment abuses and to access rights education materials and resources to address abuses. 

With MIT Solve's support, will provide workers with access to opportunities through a specific job board for niche jobs requiring visas. By creating a pathway to portability, migrants will be able to escape abuse without endangering their livelihood.

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