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Peripheral Vision International

Giving geographically remote audiences access to educational training in their own language

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Paul Falzone

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More than 50 percent of the world’s population does not have internet access, limiting the availability of online education resources. Peripheral Vision International (PVI) developed Wanji Games so people can effectively use the tools at their disposal to learn. With Wanji, users dial a toll-free number and, using voice interactive response technology, can play interactive audio stories in their local language.

Using their keypad, users make decisions that influence the plot and are able to explore and understand the potential consequences of their actions. Deep analytics about the paths players choose lets Wanji measure and quantify learning objectives. The game is most useful for people that are underserved by traditional training, including rural and low literacy populations.

Market Opportunities

  • Wanji can reach anyone with access to basic mobile devices in the 14+ countries where the service is offered.


  • Part of Airtel’s *161 service in Uganda, where Wanji Games has been played 145,846 times
  • Pilot results presented at four scholarly conferences
  • Recipient of Atlassian Foundation “10 in 10” Partnership Prize
  • Recipient of Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Indo-Pacific Development Prize"

Organization Goals

  • Develop research and evaluation capabilities to better quantify, qualify, and share lessons learned
  • Raise PVI’s public profile though publications, events, and partnerships
  • Ensure sustainability of efforts; test and incubate projects that become cost-neutral

Existing Partnerships

PVI currently partners with:

  • Mercy Corps (Uganda)
  • PSI (Malawi)
  • Lwala Community Alliance (Kenya)
  • Conservation, Food and Health Foundation

Partnership Goals

PVI seeks:

  • Earned revenue NGO clients to launch Wanji in countries where service is available
  • Philanthropic support to refine and improve platform

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Brooklyn, NY, USA

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13 countries


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