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Raspberry Pi Foundation

Building a community of volunteer translators to bring digital making to the world

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Nina Szymor

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Coding education programs are plentiful, but to impact the most disadvantaged communities, resources must be translated into a wide range of languages. To expand global access to their Code Club learning materials, Raspberry Pi Foundation is building a Translation Community to localize resources into many languages.

The solution uses machine translation tools to initially translate content, and the Translation Community edits translations and uploads content to Code Club’s learning platform. This project will empower young people all over the world, teaching them how to build their ideas with computers.

Market Opportunity

  • In Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and North Africa, there are approximately 400 million children in this addressable market.


  • 4,900 registered Code Clubs in over 125 countries
  • Established over 6,000 clubs, reaching an estimated 85,000 children across the UK
  • Recipient of Atlassian Foundation “10 in 10” Partnership Prize

Organization Goals

  • Provide low-cost, high performance single board computers and free software so computing and digital making are accessible to all
  • Help young people learn computing and digital making skills through compelling learning resources, a thriving network of volunteer-led clubs, exciting competitions and events, and partnerships with youth organizations
  • Provide training and support to educators, volunteers, and parents who want to help young people learn these skills
  • Build communities of young people, parents, volunteers, businesses, and educators that support Raspberry Pi’s mission

Existing Partnerships

Raspberry Pi Foundation currently partners with:

  • Google
  • BT
  • Arm
  • Nesta
  • Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund
  • Oracle
  • European Space Agency
  • Samsung

Partnership Goals

Raspberry Pi Foundation seeks:

  • Partnerships with existing networks for distribution growth
  • Funding from corporate foundations to scale educational initiatives

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London, UK

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130 countries


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