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The Ultimate Learning Accelerator

Transforming after-school learning through tech-enabled centers

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James Centenera

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Education takes place both in school and at home. But for most children in the developing world, schools are poorly equipped and managed and parents are often busy working multiple jobs. The Ultimate Learning Accelerator (TULA) transforms after-school learning to help children improve their academic performance, develop character traits, and enhance 21st-century skills.

TULA establishes tech-enabled centers near public schools and uses project-based learning to deliver personalized learning experiences, helping kids build the life skills they need to succeed in the real world.

Market Opportunity

  • After-school tutoring grows rapidly at an estimated 10.7 percent compound annual growth rate in Southeast Asia.


  • Established four centers in the Philippines and one in Pakistan
  • Recipient of Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Indo-Pacific Development Prize

Organization Goals

  • Enroll 35 to 40 students at each learning center in Manila

Existing Partnerships

TULA currently partners with:

  • Atlassian Foundation
  • Local public schools

Partnership Goals

TULA seeks:

  • Funding to provide scholarships to students
  • Sales and marketing expertise

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Organization Type:
For profit

Manila, Philippines

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The Philippines, Pakistan


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