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Our Mission

Solve Innovation Future is a groundbreaking philanthropic venture fund that directs catalytic investments in early-stage social entrepreneurs who are solving the world's most pressing problems. Organized as a donor-advised fund (DAF) with MIT Solve serving as the donor-advisor, Solve Innovation Future is raising $30 million from philanthropic donors through tax-deductible gifts to MIT. Download this white paper to learn more about Solve Innovation Future and the answers to key questions around DAFs and early-stage impact investing

How We Work

Solve Innovation Future makes debt, equity, and alternative investments in Solver teams and Indigenous Communities Fellows selected annually through Solve’s open innovation Global Challenges. Proceeds from investments are reinvested into future Solver teams, creating a pay-it-forward mechanism for social entrepreneurs and a renewable philanthropic vehicle for donors. To date, Solve Innovation Future has catalyzed nearly four times our investment in additional investment capital towards our Solver teams.

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Information for Solver Teams

Solve Innovation Future makes investments on a quarterly basis, using three investment criteria: investability, impact, and additionality. We are most active between October and May. To learn more about Solve Innovation Future and explore investment partnership, please reach out to

Photo: Adam Schultz / MIT Solve

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