Antiracist Technology in the US Challenge Design Workshop

Virtual Event

Join social impact and community leaders to shape MIT Solve's 2021 US-based Challenge centered on technology for an antiracist society.

Never has it been more necessary to dismantle and dissolve centuries of racial inequities stunting the US's social and economic growth. In response, Solve is launching a Challenge to search for solutions that harness technology to promote racial justice and the formation of an antiracist society.

To design this Challenge, Solve is convening this workshop, where a diverse group of people will help identify and uplift the priorities for a catalytic Challenge. With the recognition that longstanding racial and gender injustices continue to hinder the education, employment, and earning potential of historically marginalized communities, priority topics might include economic mobility and generational wealth creation, representation in tech and equitable AI, workforce development, violence prevention and criminal justice reform, and more.

Following an opening panel of cross-sector leaders, we will move to facilitated small group conversations around four topic areas:

  • Economic Opportunity & Wealth
  • Health Systems
  • Safety and Criminal Justice
  • Environmental Justice

This Challenge builds on Solve’s existing US work through our Indigenous Communities Fellowship and the Reimagining Pathways to Employment Challenge. Solve is seeking additional partners, particularly among national and regional US organizations, to expand, connect, and amplify existing activities in the US with this special focus on racial justice.

If you are interested in attending, please email

Image by Patrick Behn from Pixabay

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