Solv[ED] Global Refinement Solveathon Workshop

7am - 12pm ET

Join us for an interactive design thinking workshop focused on helping individuals and teams create solutions to problems they care about.

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This Solveathon workshop is intended for individuals and teams who have a Concept - an idea being explored for its feasibility to build a product, service, or business model based on that idea. If you are not currently working on a solution, you can still participate. You will be matched with an existing team to help them improve their solutions.

During the workshop, you will use human-centered design principles and rapid ideation to identify pain points in each innovator’s Concept and generate solutions to those challenges. Over the course of the workshop, participants will undergo the following stages:

  • Frame - get to know your team while understanding the innovator’s solution
  • Understanding the Challenge - identify pain points and decide on a design question
  • Ideate – generate innovative ideas and solutions in groups
  • Research – use criteria to eliminate ideas and pick the most viable one
  • Refine and Prototype – further develop, design and build the most promising ideas
  • Present – consolidate and present ideas to an audience of participants and mentors
  • Reflect – discuss and review takeaways from the workshop and next steps

Participants are eligible to receive up to $600 in micro-grant funding to further develop their ideas after participating in the workshop.

We welcome a diversity of backgrounds and experience levels. Everyone has their own passions and skills to bring to the table and can build on one another’s ideas. This will also be an opportunity for you to learn how to more effectively co-create and innovate in a virtual space. Come push boundaries with us, gain new insights, and have fun!

This event is for students at Member Organizations ONLY. Please note that if you register, participation is mandatory. If you register and can no longer make it, please email as soon as possible.

If you’d like to nominate your school, university, college, or youth-serving organization to join the Solv[ED] Member community, nominate them here.

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