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Early Childhood Development

How can all children under five develop the critical learning and cognitive skills they need to reach their full potential?

Coastal Communities

How can coastal communities mitigate and adapt to climate change while developing and prospering?

Work of the Future

How can those most affected by the technology-driven transformations of work create productive and prosperous livelihoods for themselves?

Youth, Skills, & the Workforce of the Future

How can disadvantaged youth learn the skills they need to prepare them for the workforce of the future and thrive in the 21st century?

40K Plus

Creating access to quality learning for restricted village environments

Clary Castrission Team Lead

The Rumie Initiative

Making free digital education accessible to underserved communities worldwide

Kyle Lubieniecki Team Lead

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Building a community of volunteer translators to bring digital making to the world

Nina Szymor Team Lead

Open Learning Exchange

Helping disadvantaged youth learn the skills they need to build and maintain a fulfilling life

Richard R. Rowe Team Lead

Baan Dek Foundation

Leveraging tech tools to teach kids life skills at scale

Allison Sanders Team Lead

Kolorob Jobs

Enabling Bangladeshi youth to transition out of exploitative jobs into careers in the formal sector

David Sweeting Team Lead


Preparing dropped-out, underserved youth in Indonesia to pass their exams and succeed in the workforce

Muhamad Iman Usman Team Lead

Code Nation

Equipping students in under-resourced schools with the skills needed to launch careers in tech

Rebecca Novak Team Lead


Scaling the impact of humanitarian aid, global development, and environmental protection efforts with robotics solutions

Patrick Meier Team Lead

The Ultimate Learning Accelerator

Transforming after-school learning through tech-enabled centers

James Centenera Team Lead

Peripheral Vision International

Giving geographically remote audiences access to educational training in their own language

Paul Falzone Team Lead
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