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Each year, Solve selects the most promising Solver® teams who will drive transformational change in the world.

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Antiracist Technology in the US

How can communities of color use technology to advance racial equity and access economic opportunity, health, and safety?

2021 Indigenous Communities Fellowship

How can Native innovators in the US use traditional knowledge and technology to meet the social, environmental, and economic goals of their communities?

2022 Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge

Are you 24 and under and passionate about making a positive impact in your community and the world? If your answer is “yes!,” we want to hear about your solution.

Cropfix by eAgro

Farm Wise, Farm With Us

Tafadzwa Chikwereti Team Lead


Building Gender Inclusive Digital Economies

Elizabeth Nyamwange Team Lead


Hydroquo+ is focused on delivering water intelligence to drive water safety and availability with actionable insights

Zahin Razeen Team Lead


In-Sync is a health-tech solution that provides optimum mental health care to people with mental illness and emotional needs through the use of artificial intelligence and the power of people

Opeyemi Etiwe Team Lead


Centralized infrastructure to store, catalog, analyze, and share video discovery in the criminal justice system to improve case outcomes for low-income defendants

Devshi Mehrotra Team Lead


Green Nanotechnology extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by 33 days

Sandra Namboozo Team Lead

KLAW Industries

KLAW Industries processes waste glass that is sent to the landfill into a partial replacement for cement in concrete called Pantheon

Jacob Kumpon Team Lead


Sprxng is a reusable menstrual product that includes therapy for menstrual pain. At Sprxng, we are dedicated to combating menstrual stigma and menstrual poverty

Phyllis Mugadza Team Lead

Tripple P

Managing food waste using insect technology to provide affordable and eco-friendly animal feed and fertilizer

Gloria Cherono Team Lead


Giving Vision, Creating Insight

Olarinde Olokuntoye Team Lead

Sustainable Food Systems

How can we produce and consume low-carbon, resilient, and nutritious food?

Learning for Girls & Women

How can marginalized girls and young women access quality learning opportunities to succeed?

Amplify Her Voice (MAIA)

Empowering Mayan Girls to break through Guatemala’s indigenous talent gap using education and technology

Martha Lidia Oxi Chuy Team Lead

Asia Initiatives Learning Cascades

Transforming learning for women and girls with the power of technology and social capital

Geeta Mehta Team Lead


Thaki advances inclusion by enhancing women and girls’ digital literacy and skills among displaced refugees and vulnerable communities.

Rudayna Abdo Team Lead

Empower 1.5 Million Girls to go to School

Build community ownership to create and sustain increased enrollment and retention for girls, and improve learning outcomes of children.

Safeena Husain Team Lead

Girls-4-Girls (Kytabu)

A virtual classroom for Kenyan girls that also serves as a digital platform for peer-to-peer mentorship and collaboration.

Tonee Ndungu Team Lead

Sisters of Code

The first female coding club in Cambodia, offering free training and empowering girls and young women to study technology

Natalja Rodionova Team Lead

Yiya AirScience

Increasing access to education for rural African girls by providing interactive STEM learning experiences via basic keypad phones and radios

Erin Fitzgerald Team Lead

Maternal & Newborn Health

How can every woman, new mother, and newborn access the care they need to survive and thrive?

2020 Health Security & Pandemics

How can communities around the world prepare for, detect, and respond to emerging pandemics and health security threats?

AHSA Platform

An AI-driven platform that forecasts demand for essential healthcare products and ensures their timely delivery across African health systems

Bramuel Mwalo Team Lead

Biometrics for vaccine delivery (Simprints Technology)

Using contactless biometrics for verified delivery of vaccines at the frontlines to minimise waste and improve data quality

Alexandra Grigore Team Lead

Jute cellulose-based biodegradable PPE

Jute-polymer based, recyclable, biodegradable, oligo-chitosan coated personal protective equipment for healthcare workers

Mehjabin Tishan Mahfuz Team Lead


A spatial and temporal predictive analytics Decision Support System (DSS) for public health and governance

Aditya Sharma Team Lead

Moskeet (TrakitNow, Inc)

Real-time, integrated vector and disease management platform for prevention and control of mosquito-borne diseases

Satish Cherukumalli Team Lead

PENSA *660#

Multi-channel and bi-directional mHealth platform providing free, MoH-approved health information to people with low-tech phones and limited access to health services

Valter Cumbi Team Lead

PODD (Opendream)

Pre-spillover participatory community disease detection surveillance platform

Patipat Susumpow Team Lead

2020 Indigenous Communities Fellowship

How can Native innovators in the US use traditional knowledge and technology to drive social, environmental, and economic impact in their communities?

EA Ecoversity

Empowering Native Hawaiian youth and young adults to reach their highest potential and solve 21st century challenges by reconnecting to their Native language and culture.

Kū Kahakalau Team Lead

Food from Fire

Reduce fire hazards and grow food year-round with biomass heated greenhouses—promoting Indigenous led community sustainability, increased food security, and climate change adaptation.

Eva Burk Team Lead

Indigenous DC

A mobile application with digital maps featuring Native American sites of importance and contributions to the nation's capital city.

Elizabeth Rule Team Lead


Indigikitchen uses digital media to restore the knowledge associated with traditional Indigenous foods

Mariah Gladstone Team Lead

International Wakashan AI Consortium

The international Wakashan language communities are uniting to build a shared Voice AI, overcoming borders and barriers.

Michael Running Wolf Team Lead

Protect Medicinal Plants

To protect, to preserve, and to honor Indigenous environments and people.

Richelle Thomas Team Lead


ShockTalk is a culturally tailored, and AI-assisted, telemental health platform, connecting Indigenous clients to Indigenous therapists trained in cultural humility.

Austin Serio Team Lead

Youth, Skills, & the Workforce of the Future

How can disadvantaged youth learn the skills they need to prepare them for the workforce of the future and thrive in the 21st century?

Plus Education

Creating access to quality learning for restricted village environments

Clary Castrission Team Lead

The Rumie Initiative

Making free digital education accessible to underserved communities worldwide

Kyle Lubieniecki Team Lead

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Building a community of volunteer translators to bring digital making to the world

Nina Szymor Team Lead

Open Learning Exchange

Helping disadvantaged youth learn the skills they need to build and maintain a fulfilling life

Richard R. Rowe Team Lead

Baan Dek Foundation

Leveraging tech tools to teach kids life skills at scale

Allison Sanders Team Lead

Kolorob Jobs

Enabling Bangladeshi youth to transition out of exploitative jobs into careers in the formal sector

David Sweeting Team Lead


Preparing dropped-out, underserved youth in Indonesia to pass their exams and succeed in the workforce

Muhamad Iman Usman Team Lead

Code Nation

Equipping students in under-resourced schools with the skills needed to launch careers in tech

Rebecca Novak Team Lead


Scaling the impact of humanitarian aid, global development, and environmental protection efforts with robotics solutions

Patrick Meier Team Lead

The Ultimate Learning Accelerator

Transforming after-school learning through tech-enabled centers

James Centenera Team Lead

Peripheral Vision International

Giving geographically remote audiences access to educational training in their own language

Paul Falzone Team Lead

Work of the Future

How can those most affected by the technology-driven transformations of work create productive and prosperous livelihoods for themselves?

Coastal Communities

How can coastal communities mitigate and adapt to climate change while developing and prospering?

Early Childhood Development

How can all children under five develop the critical learning and cognitive skills they need to reach their full potential?
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