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At MIT Solve, we are united in our passion for social impact and dedication to solving global problems.

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MIT Solve is committed to inclusion and diversity to build a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more diverse our team is, the better we can achieve our mission of solving world challenges.

Guiding Principles 

  • Practice Care: We prioritize work-life balance and staff health & wellness. We recognize that work is one aspect of our multifaceted lives. We aim to be fulfilled by our work (not consumed by it!) and foster compassion and empathy among our staff. We are able to bring our full selves to work and are stewards of the environments in which we work.
  • Innovate Together: We are collaborative problem-solvers who think outside the box. We have an entrepreneurial mindset: we take risks, are creative, and celebrate success. We genuinely engage proximate voices throughout all stages of our work to ensure community-driven solutions. We foster an environment where everyone feels invited, able, and safe to offer input. We know that we don’t know everything ourselves; we seek collaboration, partnership, and to learn from those closest to the challenges we seek to solve.
  • Prioritize Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: We know that inclusive cultures and diverse teams are more resilient and creative. We cultivate a team and communities of social impact agents that represent a diversity of thought, background, and lived experience. We strive for justice in our organizational processes and results. We particularly seek to increase access for those in underserved communities who may not typically have access to MIT, social impact, entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Remain Adaptive: We are proactive about (and receptive to) feedback and constructive conversations. We set ourselves and each others up for success. One of our team strengths is the flexibility to be realistic about our capacity and to pivot, experiment, and grow accordingly.
  • Be Lifelong Learners: We believe that global challenges and solutions necessitate constant curiosity and learning about the ever-changing world around us. We strive to be an intentional, thoughtful and confident staff who are enabled to work to their full potential, learn from one another and grow both personally and professionally. We understand that we aren’t perfect; mistakes are something to learn from, are an opportunity for reflexivity and are an expected and welcome part of innovative workplaces.

Solve Staff

Sam Alper

Senior Officer, Innovator Program

Eliza Berg

Lead, Learning

Maya Bingaman

Officer, Communications & Content

Dr. Alexander Dale

Director, Global Challenges

Siobhan Delgado

Senior Administrator, Finance

Mackenzi Dow

Officer, Economic Prosperity

Rachael Drew

Lead, Economic Prosperity

United States

Maggie Fischer

Events Coordinator

Eliana Fram

Senior Officer, Innovator Program

Hala Hanna

Executive Director

Taewee Kahrs

Senior Officer, Health

Reem Kanoo

Officer, Operations

Rachel Landers

Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships & Philanthropy

Danielle Lebedevitch

Director, Events

Sara Monteabaro

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Philanthropy

Katie Morgan

Lead, Climate

Ellie Moriearty

Senior Officer, Learning

Regina Niles

Director, Finance and Administration

Tessa Rigby

Coordinator, Operations & Impact

United States

Frances Robinson

Manager, Solve Innovation Future

Amanda Saeli

Digital Marketing Manager

Cara Scarnati

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships & Philanthropy

Noel Shaskan

Lead, Health

United States

Aaron Slater

Lead, Indigenous Communities

Rebecca Spens

Manager, Results Measurement

United States

Sammy Turk Tolub

Coordinator, Operations & Impact

Casey van der Stricht

Principal, Solve Innovation Future

Pooja Wagh

Director, Operations & Impact

Bridget Weiler

Director of Marketing and Communications

Jael Whitney

Officer, Indigenous Communities

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