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Meet Our Team

At MIT Solve, we are united in our passion for social impact and dedication to solving global problems.

Join our team

MIT Solve is committed to inclusion and diversity to build a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more diverse our team is, the better we can achieve our mission of solving world challenges.

Solve Staff

Alex Amouyel

Executive Director

Eliza Berg

Lead, Learning and Solv[ED] Communities

Gabriella Bianchi

Coordinator, Strategic and Partner Programs

Sharon Bort

Manager, Community Programming

Bruna Braga

Head of Partnerships

Holland Cathey

Officer, Learning Community

Carlos Centeno

Lead, Economic Prosperity Community

Olivia Clausen

Community Coordinator

Dr. Alexander Dale

Lead, Sustainability and US Communities

Siobhan Delgado

Finance and Operations Administrator

Patrick Diamond

Portfolio Lead, Strategic and Partner Programs

Mackenzi Dow

Coordinator, Strategic and Partner Programs

Rachael Drew

Officer, Strategic and Partner Programs

Gaby Gonzalez

Officer, Solv[ED] Community

Hala Hanna

Managing Director

Michelle King

Portfolio Lead, Strategic & Partner Programs

Noya Leve

Officer, Strategic and Partner Programs

Sara Monteabaro

Director, Strategic and Partner Programs

Ian Mulholland

Officer, Memberships and Results Community

Regina Niles

Director, Finance and Administration

Amanda Saeli

Digital Marketing Officer

Cara Scarnati

Partnerships Manager

Noel Shaskan

Senior Officer, Health Community

Aaron Slater

Officer, Indigenous Community

Satchie Snellings

Content Producer

Andrea Snyder

Director, Communications and Marketing

Casey van der Stricht

Principal, Solve Innovation Future

Pooja Wagh

Director, Community Operations and Lead, Health Community

Molly Wu

Coordinator, Events and Marketing

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