Iregi Mwenja Mr.

Founder and CEO, Psychiatric Disability Organization


Iregi MWENJA is a mental health lived experience expert and the founder of the Psychiatric Disability Organization (PDO), a non-profit mental health organization he founded in Kenya to promote social inclusion and mental health equity.

PDO promotes access to quality mental healthcare in Kenya's underserved communities through a person-centered mental healthcare model that combines technological innovation and community-based psychosocial support. As a result of his vision, his organization has provided affordable treatment and community-based psychosocial support to over 20,000 people in Kenya.

His contributions to mental health outside of his community include co-authoring a book on mental health for Harvard Medical School, which will be published by Cambridge Press in 2022. In addition, he was a mental health speaker at the 43rd UNAIDS Board Meeting in Geneva in 2018.

Iregi is a 2021 MIT Solver, a 2022 Echoing Green Global Fellow, and a 2022 Waterfall Global Award winner. He is also an Acumen Fellow, a UC Berkeley Beahrs Fellow, a USWFS Fellow, and a Kinship Fellow. He is an honorary member of the Global Mental Health Peer Network and a member of the Generation Mental Health Advisory Board (GenMH).


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