Mr. Aditya Kulkarni

Co-Founder and Managing Director, CareMother


I am on a mission to build a sustainable healthcare startup in India. I see ample opportunities to come up with innovative mobile health technologies and delivery models for last mile care.

I am developing mobile health solutions to help reduce maternal and child mortality in areas with limited health resources. I am the co-creator of CareMother, a mobile and online platform that connects health workers to gynecologists and empowers them to carry out regular doorstep antenatal check-ups to pregnant women in any setting. The app enables women to monitor their pregnancy, health workers to early identify any potential or emerging high-risk complications and gynecologists to schedule timely interventions or follow ups. Within the last two years my team has worked with more than 15 organisations and provided affordable care to more than 30,000 pregnant women in over 800 villages in India from 9 different states, Bangladesh and Kenya. CareMother has also created more than 100 jobs for health workers and has led to significant improvements in how antenatal care is delivered at a grassroots level.


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