Dr. Angela Jackson

Partner, Learn to Earn Fund, New Profit

Angela leads New Profit’s Future of Work Initiative, which seeks to close the career-readiness gap for Americans from low-income backgrounds. She is currently working on the launch of a $12M Future of Work global initiative to invest in entrepreneurs and companies developing innovative technical solutions to upskill low-income and entry-level workers at scale. Angela’s career started in the private sector leading business development for organizations like Viacom and Nokia. Working globally, she became interested in scaling proven interventions that work in the social sector. She’s always wondered – if multinational companies can deliver their products consistently and with quality at scale, what would it take to deliver social interventions like education and health in a similar manner? She began to tackle this question by founding Global Language Project, a social venture that aimed to transform how we prepare students with skills to succeed in a global economy and workforce. Angela completed a Doctorate in Education Leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where her focus was on this question, along with the role of scale and strategic capital deployment and philanthropy in systems change initiatives.

Angela’s work with New Profit allows her to marry her research interests with practice: working with and directing capital to innovators and entrepreneurs who are developing solutions at scale to reach the most vulnerable people in the world to prepare them for the Future of Work.


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