Antong Lucky

President, The Urban Specialists and O.G.U.

Antong Lucky, the founder and former leader of the Dallas 415 Bloods Gang, is the now President of Urban Specialists and O.G.U (Original Gangstas Unite-versity). At an early age, he was embroiled in a life of crime, gang violence, and drug dealing that ultimately landed him in prison. In prison, Antong denounced his gang affiliation, started to read a lot of books to educate himself, and began working to unite the rival gangs. 

Antong quickly rose to become one of the most respected and sought after mentors in prison. His teachings of conflict resolution taught fellow inmates how not to use violence as their primary language but instead practice peace. 

Antong has spent the last 20 years working to end violence in communities by training OGs (Original Guides) across the country to effectively mentor youth away from a life of gangs, crime, and violence. Most recently, he trained police officers on effective community engagement strategies. Antong is a sought out speaker on issues of eradicating violence, re-entry, criminal justice reform and bridging the gap between law enforcement and community.

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