Ceasar L. McDowell

Professor of the Practice of Civic Design, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Ceasar L. McDowell is Professor of the Practice of Civic Design at MIT. His current work is on the design of civic infrastructures and processes to connect the increasingly demographically complex public. Ceasar teaches on civic and community engagement and the use of social media to enhance both. Ceasar brings his deep commitment to the work of building beloved, just and equitable communities that can – as his friend Carl Moore says – "struggle with the traditions that bind them and the interests that separate them so they can build a future that is an improvement on the past."

Ceasar is the founder podcast series TheMove, MIT's Community Innovators Lab (CoLab), and co-initiator of America’s Path Forward. Outside of MIT, Ceasar's firm Civic Designers LLC works with organizations including Massport, Kendall Square Association, Obama Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Beyond Conflict on public participation, community engagement, and civic leadership.

Dr. McDowell served as Director of the global civic engagement organization Dropping Knowledge International, President of Interaction Institute for Social Change, co-founder of The Civil Rights Forum on Telecommunications Policy, and founding Board member of The Algebra Project. Engagement projects include GoBoston 2030, Springfield Northend Campaign, 21Days in Cambridge, MA, and Global Table of Free Voice in Berlin.

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