Cecilia Blasco

Executive Director, SmartFish Group


Cecilia is the Executive Director of the non-profit component of the SmartFish Group where she leads a committed, multi-disciplinary team that offers technical and entrepreneurial assistance to artisanal fisheries and to seafood buyers in Mexico. She has 20 years of experience working on solutions to address environmental degradation and enhance community well-being. Throughout her career she has approached these challenges from the perspective of international policies and global environmental conventions as well as from the national perspective at a grant-making institution that supports efforts to strengthen environmental civil society organizations and public agencies. At SmartFish, she focuses on unlocking market incentives for sustainably caught seafood, working on-the-ground with the fishers who are the users and managers of natural resources and with seafood buyers, whose preferences have an impact on ocean ecosystems. Cecilia is originally from Argentina and lived in Kenya, Switzerland, and the USA before settling in Mexico.


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