Chat Garcia Ramilo

Executive Director, Association for Progressive Communications

Chat is the Executive Director of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). She is also the board chair of the Center for Migrant Advocacy in the Philippines, where she is from.

Chat has considerable organisational, management and gender expertise developed from over 25 years of leading multi-country and multi-disciplinary projects, programmes and networks on ICT, human rights and development. She previously served as APC’s Deputy Executive Director and led APC’s women’s programme before being appointed in her current position in 2017. She has served as a gender expert for national and sector based ICT for development projects in Asia and a gender and ICT consultant for UN bodies and development agencies. Chat is a speaker and resource person on gender policy and ICT in international workshops and conferences in many countries, particularly the Global South.

Under Chat's leadership, APC entered its 30th year with staff and members in 73 countries working on empowering organisations, movements, and individuals through the use of ICT to advance collective power, digital inclusion, a feminist internet, human rights advocacy, internet governance, and environmental sustainability.

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