Clary Castrission

CEO, 40K Plus


After graduating as a lawyer in Sydney Australia, Clary was accidently turned into a social entrepreneur when he took a life-changing trip to India. Clary set up 40K following this trip geared towards designing education solutions fit for extremely restrictive village environments. Since 2006, 40K’s journey has transformed from a school building charity into an education technology social enterprise. By the end of 2017, 40K’s edtech platform will have 3,000 children on it, and will be operational in India and Cambodia. 40K also runs an immersive education business called 40K Globe whose profits fund the development of PLUS. 40K has won the 2016 Google Impact Challenge Technology Against Poverty Prize, as well as the Australian Social Enterprise Innovation Award in 2016. Clary has spoken at TEDx and the United Nations about his ideas of “Innovation by Restriction” in 2013 and was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia.


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