Danny Wright

Executive Director, Gravity Water

United States

In 2011, while traveling through Central America, Danny Wright came up with an idea on how to create an affordable, sustainable, long-lasting, and energy-free way to provide clean and safe access to drinking water; it combined rainwater catchment, elevated storage, and gravity-powered filtration, which could be used in any country that received significant rainfall and had basic access to common materials. After completing his studies in 2014, he decided to embark on a path less taken and began traveling to gain a better understanding of the Global Water Crisis and people’s relationship with water throughout different cultures.  This led him to Nepal, where he turned his concept into reality, creating the Nation’s first energy-independent water filtration and storage system. In turn, Gravity Water was formed, creating the space for passionate individuals to get involved in creating a long-term solution to the Global Water Crisis for thousands of communities in need.

Solution: Gravity Water provides urban communities in developing countries with access to an onsite, sustainable, and long-term source of safe drinking water through a system that combines rainwater harvesting, above surface storage, and gravity powered filtration.


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