Dustin D Wilkinson

Formulator of "PPDAYZ", EARTH

United States

"IT'S LIKE YOU'RE COMPETING WITH GOD"... A "second" mother once said this about "Project Perfect Dayz" when finding the secret ingredient (after 8+ years) to "PPDAYZ" & it's theoretical formation... * I came from the small farm village of Fingal, North Dakota with a population of less than 200 which has caused me to learn at an early age the importance of interpersonal connections & lending a helping hand to neighbors in need. * I was the child of an extremely hostile & abusive divorced couple which caused my emancipation from them at age 16 when I dropped out of school got my GED & began working. two short years later I was married to my high school sweetheart & purchased a home starting my adult life early. * 1 year after leaving an ex-wife for un-faithful, un-loving reasons, I fell into a 4-day coma due to "Spinal Bacterial Meningitis" which left me with a "NEW SOUL" & soul purpose to "create as much harmony as possible. I was 26 (in 2007). * "Project Perfect Dayz" began a few short months later. After years of Homelessness, alcohol & substance abuse, further abusive relationships, an extremely varied work & investment history...After thousands of interviews, hours of engineering, research & development & 10 years of time "fieldwork" & dedication... I am confident that "PPDAYZ" is to be not only an evolutionary economic structure, but an all-truistic mission & approach towards more fundraising for non-profits & social enterprises, more conscious customers for life-affirming merchants, more employment opportunities for conscious employees, more income for participants of this "peaceful dismantling of outdated systems", & more awareness of potential worldwide cures, products, services & organizations promoting recovery & longevity for all of humankind.


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