Hari Balasubramanian

Managing Partner, EcoAdvisors

Hari is the founder of two companies with the express purpose of linking capital with environmental impact, a consulting firm EcoAdvisors and an investment firm EcoInvestors Capital. For over 15 years, Hari has worked in international conservation and development with a core expertise in developing and communicating the business value of sustainability solutions. He is driven by impact and the goals are clear: a healthy planet, stable climate, abundant and diverse wildlife, prosperous communities and flowing, clean fresh water; not as a cost to society, but as an opportunity and previously under-recognized business value.

Hari has deep and expansive field experience at the front-lines of sustainability. Starting with coastal and marine projects in Portugal, Barbados, Malaysia, the Maldives and Cuba he later led the monitoring and evaluation function at Conservation International where he oversaw (and got to see!) over 150 projects, on land and sea, in 45 countries around the world. After seeing the vast discrepancies in the amount of resources flowing to environmental destruction versus environmental protection, he decided to trade in his SCUBA gear for a business suit and founded EcoAdvisors and later co-founded EcoInvestors Capital. To date he and his team have influenced over U$2 billion in sustainability capital.

Hari holds a BSc in Biology from McGill University and an MSc in Geography (Distinction) from Oxford University. He volunteers on the Boards of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, The Oceanic Society, the Valdivian Coastal Reserve Trust, La Minga, and Ecuador Azul and is on the High Level Advisory Committee to the President for Colombia Sostenible. Hari presents at popular and academic settings worldwide, largely about his luck stumbling into the sustainability field and the interface of business and positive societal impact.

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