Jacqui Jorgeson

Associate Director, The Schoolbox Project

United States

Challenge: How Can We Improve Learning Outcomes for Refugee and Displaced Young People Under 24? 

Solution: Schoolbox Project: Trauma-informed education and care for refugee children

The Schoolbox Project provides mobile, trauma-informed education and support to children and families in refugee camps. The SchoolBox Project utilizes mobile, solar-powered schoolhouses that operate out of converted shipping containers. All services are delivered through a lens of trauma-informed care where children are never turned away for challenging behaviors, but instead are offered 1:1 support.

About Jacqui

Jacqui Jorgeson’s CV reads a bit like the screenplay of Forrest Gump, in its sheer variety of serendipitous global experiences. She began her career by covering the small French business beat for Dow Jones Newswires in Paris, before moving on to develop test questions for the SAT exam in New York. From there, Jorgeson traveled the world training and certifying hula hoop instructors, which led to the development of a successful coaching business that attracted hundreds of clients across three continents.  But it was a volunteering trip to Greece last spring that set her on her current path. Shaken by the enormity of the Syrian refugee crisis, she traveled to Lesvos and then Athens in search of an opportunity to serve its littlest victims. In Athens she connected with The Schoolbox Project founder Belle Sweeney, and soon after they joined forces to bring trauma-informed care to children in refugee camps.

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