Jenny Anderson

Senior Reporter, Quartz

Jenny Anderson is a senior reporter for Quartz in London. She covers how parents, teachers, policymakers, scientists and even entrepreneurs around the world are using science and technology to inform how we teach, learn and parent in the age of artificial intelligence. Jenny has created three obsessions: the Science of Learning, the Art of Parenting and Rewiring Childhood, which is focused on early childhood development. Prior to Quartz, Jenny spent over a decade at the The New York Times reporting on Wall Street before covering schools and learning. During her tenure, she received the prestigious Gerald Loeb award for her coverage of Merrill Lynch, which resulted in the ouster of then-CEO Stan O’Neal. Previously, she was a reporter for New York Post covering the banking and trading on Wall Street. She also spent four years at Institutional Investor magazine covering everything from sovereign debt crises to the rise of online trading. Jenny is the author of "It's Not You, It's the Dishes," which applies behavioral economics to conflict resolution in marriage.

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