Johanna Hoffman

Designer, Urban Fabrick Collaborative

United States

Johanna is a designer and writer on climate change and its impacts on the built environment. She crafts spaces, products and programs that spread understanding and collaboration on climate change issues by sparking the imagination. Storytelling is a key factor in her work, both as a tool and a subject. She is particularly interested in how our landscapes change over time, in physical form as well as in our collective imaginations.

Johanna is currently a resilient design associate at San Francisco's Urban Fabrick Collaborative, as well as a fellow at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Solution: Waterspots are water catchment and treatment hubs combining rain, fog and dew harvesting with public gathering space. By synthesizing water collection systems and public space, Waterspots serve as both vital water harvesting systems and a means of bringing people together around the value and increasing scarcity of water.


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